El Camino Delray in Pineapple Grove Delray Beach

Delray Beach: Explore the heart of Pineapple Grove

There’s a road in Downtown Delray Beach that may not attract as much foot traffic as the bustling Atlantic Ave., but its artistic personality is something to explore. Sure, some Palm Beach County locals know Pineapple Grove District is a special place. This daycay guide is for all you locals who don’t know and for all you tourists who really need to know: The Grove is worth a day. And one day there without deviating to Atlantic Ave., I promise, will turn into many more.

Stay on 2nd Ave which is the main street that runs through the heart of the Pineapple Grove District — that sweet local gem welcoming folks under its pineapple archway. Tourists, this is for you too. Pineapple Grove has so much more to see than you’ll find in this guide, so let this should serve as a reason to go find your own adventure.


If you’d rather have something a bit more casual, there’s El Camino. Ahh, where do I start? At the beginning or with the nachos???

El Camino is always packed, often with a line out the door and a wait list. But there’s a reason. The flavors, the service and the ambiance are top notch. This is a spot where you trust the cool kids and get in line. I’m talking about $2 tacos, $5 margaritas, $4 drafts and so much more. Check out the Happy Hour menu online.

Now, about the nachos. Mmmm. El Camino really knows how to serve a large plate of perfectly crisp nachos with plenty of evenly-layered meat, avocado, veggies, jalapeños and cheese.

So, I’m going to rant for a little. I love nachos, but I hate it when they’re not crispy and evenly layered. Nobody wants a soggy chip! I have high nacho standards, especially when there isn’t enough meat, ugh! That really bugs me.

The Nachos at El Camino are literally what they should be everywhere. We ordered the brisket, which was slightly spicy and not dry or stringy. When it comes to the rest of the menu, I can speak for the margaritas and tacos too — definitely not a disappointment.

Source: www.palmbeachpost.com
By: Julio Poletti

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